Erik Magnussen - Stelton Denmark - 2 Thermoskannen im Karton

Erik Magnussen - Stelton Denmark - 2 Thermoskannen im Karton
Dänemark - 2011 - Kunststoff

These award-winning vacuum jugs are one of the classics in the collection of Stelton. The design from 1977 by Erik Magnussen is still very powerful. The simple design shows that this is a timeless design. The vacuum jugs keeps all your drinks at the right temperature. The jug has a content of 1 litre and it is equipped with a unique tilting cap which can be used to pour when the jug is tilted. When the jug is put down, the tilting weight in the cap ensures that the jug is closed automatically. So no unscrewing or pressing, just start pouring right away and put it down again!
Including screw caps which can be used to hermetically seal the jugs.
These vacuum jugs are made of plastic in the colours black and lime.
Both are still in the original packaging and are in unused condition.
These jugs will be packaged with care and sent by registered post with track and trace.
Pick-up is possible by appointment, within four weeks of the auction date.

Stelton Denmark - 2 Thermoskannen im Karton
Erik Magnussen
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