Aulus Cornelius Celsus (Celse), Casaubon - Celsi De medicina libri octo - 1722

Aulus Cornelius Celsus (Celse), Casaubon - Celsi De medicina libri octo - 1722
Einbände, Heilkunde, Nachschlagewerke - Anzahl: 1 - Buch

Very beautiful early 18th century edition given by J.B. Vulpius annotated by van Almeloveen of De Medicina libri octo by Selsus, one of the most important medical treatises of Roman Antiquity in
which Celsus (25 BCE-50 AD) among other things inaugurates Latin scientific terminology.

Adorned with a portrait of Celsus engraved by Giacomo Lidl, a lovely vignette on the title and in the “Celsi libros Scholia" part two figures finely engraved in intaglio.

Bound with "Q. Sereni Samonici De medicina praecepta saluberrima ex editione Lugdunensi A. 1566” with the same address and date.

Careful printing on laid paper, text embellished with typographical decorations engraved on wood.

Bound in a period full brown calfskin binding, spine with raised bands adorned with gilded tooling.

Sturdy and clean volume, important restoration on the headcap, the spine remains decorative. Fresh and clean inside, practically no foxing. A hole in the margin of the second text, with some letters missing on pages 35 to 65.

Aur. Corn. Celsi De medicina libri octo : brevioribus Rob. Constantini, Is. Casauboni, aliorumque scholiis ac locis parallelis illustrati
Patavii : Excudebat Josephus Cominus, 1722 octavo, 17x12 cm [8] ff LXXII, 598 pp, [16] ff ; 115 pp:

"Aurelii Cornelii Celsi vita a ... Joanne Rhodio conscripta": v. 2, p. xiii-xx.
"Jo. Baptistae Morgagni ... In Aur. Corn. Celsum epistolae ad Jo. Baptistam Vulpium ... ": v. 2, p.1-242: p. i-xxxviii.

Roman scholar, naturalist and physician, practically unknown today, Aulus Cornelius Celsus,
was however the equal of the greatest physicians of Antiquity and represents, next to the Greek Hippocrates,
the Greco-Latin Galen, the very epitome of the Roman physician. One of the great primitives in the Art of
Medicine and known as the “Latin Hippocrates.”

The sixth book of the De Medicina (Celsus) “De Medicina Libri Octo,” is the only
part of his work that has come down to us. It represents the first complete work on the
medical profession. He was the first medical author whose work was printed using movable
type by Nicolao in 1478 in Florence, thanks to Gutenberg’s invention, even before the works
of Hippocrates and Galen. It then had countless editions during the

Anzahl der Bücher
Einbände, Heilkunde, Nachschlagewerke
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Aulus Cornelius Celsus (Celse), Casaubon
Celsi De medicina libri octo
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20×13 cm
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