Schrank, ein sogenannter "Kissenbezug" - Barock - Eiche, Holz, Rosenholz - 17. Jahrhundert

Schrank, ein sogenannter "Kissenbezug" - Barock - Eiche, Holz, Rosenholz - 17. Jahrhundert

Dutch 17th century pillowcase, with later adjustments.
Very beautiful soft colour.
With strikingly beautiful interiors and a secret compartment with three drawers.
- see the photos.
Two beautifully carved doors with a drawer underneath.
You rarely see this.
Between the doors you will see a line with the same carving as the drawer.
You can push it up and be behind it there are three secret drawers.

Beautiful soft colours - the oak and rosewood are the same in colour, creating a subtle colour pattern that makes it lively.
At the bottom a wide drawer. Runs well.
See also the lock (detail photos) that tapered shape is a sign that it is an early lock.
The key is original.
Deep pillows.
The cabinet is from the end of the 17th century, then it was fashionable to glue as many expensive woods as possible on the oak as rosewood. Real Dutch Baroque, modest with strong shapes.
Beautiful large and original ball feet.
Panelled sides.
Nice heavy hood.

High: 205 cm.
Width from wall to wall 164 cm.
Shade size 194 cm.
Depth 55 cm.

ein sogenannter "Kissenbezug", Schrank
Eiche, Holz, Rosenholz
Geschätzter Zeitraum
17. Jahrhundert
Guter Zustand - gebraucht mit geringen Alterungsanzeichen
205×160×60 cm
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