Carl Barks - Dessin preliminaire + Broche - "Autoportrait"

Carl Barks - Dessin preliminaire + Broche - "Autoportrait"
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Original illustration by Carl Barks + a brooch + Self-portrait.

The preliminary illustration was created by Carl Barks himself for a brooch. The brooch with
Carl Barks' self-portrait can be seen on the other pictures. It is an original illustration and
was sold by the Laqua gallery (Germany) 15 years ago. The illustration was drawn in the
1990s in pencil on tracing paper, signed by Carl Barks and measures 27 x 14 cm (tracing paper sheet).
The brooch is very rare (limited edition of 200 pieces) and is of course included in the offer.

Carl Barks is considered to be the most famous Disney artist and developed
many cartoon characters of the Disney universe such as Scrooge McDuck.
(Scrooge McDuck). His comics make him an important part of the
modern pop culture.

The portrait was then used in the inked version (on the last picture) for an art print (the art print or ink version is not included in this auction, only the pencil illustration and the brooch). The brooch is a limited edition of 200 pieces:

In very good condition.

I encourage you to also go and check the other original illustrations I am auctioning. Of course, I am able to ship multiple items together.

Carl Barks
Dessin preliminaire + Broche - "Autoportrait"
Sehr gut
Carl Barks
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