Alte Maske - Lega - DR Kongo

Alte Maske - Lega - DR Kongo
Exzellenter Zustand

! Special sale following the collection!

In January 2021, 26 of the 30 objects were found buyers at a sale dedicated to this collection.
After receiving the items and analysing the documents provided, we received a 100% positive feedback from customers.
This collection brings together authentic objects to which we are not used to discovering this style.

The objects included in this sale are numbered, taken back and described on a document that served as a will written in the mid-20th century.

The original documents will be given in the form of copies to the purchasers after the sale.
This includes the document that acts as a will - the identity passport.
These objects were all collected later in the middle of the 20th century
On this basis, they can only be earlier in terms of dating in the mid-20th century.

Lukwakongo, the slightly concave face demarcated by the brow arches drawing a continuous arched line, the features structured by the powerful vertical of the nose high and right. At the width of the face meet the stretched slits of the eyes and mouth, giving it a lunar expression accentuated by the white coating with kaolin, and the fleshy pattern of the upper eyelids and the lower lip. Numerous traces of ritual sampling on the lips, eyelids and surroundings. Beautiful patina of use, nuanced, beige and red brown, enhanced with kaolin.

Alte Maske
DR Kongo
Exzellenter Zustand
Wird mit Ständer verkauft
24×0×0 cm
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