Maske - Markha / Bambara - Mali

Maske - Markha / Bambara - Mali
Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts - Exzellenter Zustand

! Special sale following the collection!

In January 2021, 26 of the 30 objects were found buyers at a sale dedicated to this collection.
After receiving the items and analysing the documents provided, we received a 100% positive feedback from customers.
This collection brings together authentic objects to which we are not used to discovering this style.

The objects included in this sale are numbered, taken back and described on a document that served as a will written in the mid-20th century.

The original documents will be given in the form of copies to the purchasers after the sale.
This includes the document that acts as a will - the identity passport.
These objects were all collected later in the middle of the 20th century
On this basis, they can only be earlier in terms of dating in the mid-20th century.

Long attributed to the Bamana, the ancient masks of the Marka are rare. In 1960, Goldwater presented at the Museum of Primitive Art (see Goldwater, Bambara Sculpture from the Western Sudan, 1960: 60-61), six masks with faces plated with metal sheets, which he attributed to the "Marka-style" Bamana, from American or European collections.

The Marka (or Marka-Soninké, as opposed to the Marka living in the territory of present-day Burkina Faso), are scattered south of the Niger River. Based in Bamana countries, they have adopted the language and institutions, especially those of Ntomo and Korè, spread throughout the Niger River Valley. They are believed to be behind the brass leaf application technique (Colleyn, 2009: 128).

Bringing to a climax the tension of northern Bamana styles, the Marka masks of the San region, in the north-east of the Country Bamana, impose in their narrow angular faces one of the most striking aesthetics of the region. Here, the tension of the piriform face is accentuated by the geometric rigor of the stylized lines and by the scathing rhythm of the hammered brass bands stretching at the look of the face, adorned with a linear decoration of punched and pushed circles. The contrast between the clean form and the richness of the applied décor meets the contrast between the deep patina and the brown shades and the coppery brilliance of the metallic sheets. See. Golwater (1960: 60, No. 106) for a closely related mask, preserved in the collections of the Royal Ontario Museum, and Colleyn (2002: 113, No. 95) for another, attributed to the Marka of the San region.

Markha / Bambara
Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Exzellenter Zustand
Wird mit Ständer verkauft
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