Karyatidensitz - Luba - DR Kongo

Karyatidensitz - Luba - DR Kongo
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! Special sale following the collection!

In January 2021, 26 of the 30 objects were found buyers at a sale dedicated to this collection.
After receiving the items and analysing the documents provided, we received a 100% positive feedback from customers.
This collection brings together authentic objects to which we are not used to discovering this style.

The objects included in this sale are numbered, taken back and described on a document that served as a will written in the mid-20th century.

The original documents will be given in the form of copies to the purchasers after the sale.
This includes the document that acts as a will - the identity passport.
These objects were all collected later in the middle of the 20th century
On this basis, they can only be earlier in terms of dating in the mid-20th century.

The figurative seats are one of the most important symbols of power for the Luba. According to Mr. Nooter-Roberts (Treasures of Africa, Tervuren Museum, 1995, pp. 355-356), "the carved stool reflects the most fundamental precepts of Luba dynastic power and succession." First, it illustrates the highly stratified hierarchy of sovereignty: the ranks and titles of each are indicated by the accession to increasingly elaborate seats.

The seat of a human figure, reserved for the king, is considered the receptacle of his mind; it is so powerful that it is kept away and guarded by a dedicated dignitary. Illustrating the importance of women in the Luba matrilineal society, this work is distinguished by its cascading bun hairstyle, allowing it to be attributed to the Luba of the Shankadi region. William Fagg goes even further by associating this stool with a workshop in the village of Kamina in Kasai, from which also comes a very related work, acquired in 1904 by Frobenius (Krieger, Westafrikanische Plastik, 1969, No. 280). Through all its plastic qualities, this work is thus an archaic witness to one of the most prestigious corpuses of Luba art.

DR Kongo
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