Ahnenfigur - Yambula-Stil - Hemba - DR Kongo

Ahnenfigur - Yambula-Stil - Hemba - DR Kongo

! Special sale following the collection!

In January 2021, 26 of the 30 objects were found buyers at a sale dedicated to this collection.
After receiving the items and analysing the documents provided, we received a 100% positive feedback from customers.
This collection brings together authentic objects to which we are not used to discovering this style.

The objects included in this sale are numbered, taken back and described on a document that served as a will written in the mid-20th century.

The original documents will be given in the form of copies to the purchasers after the sale.
This includes the document that acts as a will - the identity passport.
These objects were all collected later in the middle of the 20th century
On this basis, they can only be earlier in terms of dating in the mid-20th century.

On this sculpture Hemba it is very important to point out that the wood used on it is indeed that of the period. The patina of this statue is thick and original. The style and facial features are mastered and successful, this hemba work comes from a great sculptor!

In his reference book devoted to The Great Hemba Statuary of Zaire (1977), defining eleven main styles on the basis of morphological criteria and associating them with the different Hemba clans, François Neyt identifies this sculpture in the Yambula style, whose chiefdom was established south of the Luika (Neyt, 1977, p. 160-161, NO. IV-3).

According to the archetypal plastic of Hemba art, the harmony of the face, combined with the balance of the pose, expresses "the stability of the ancestor watching over his lineage, hands placed on either side of the belly, source of life" (Neyt inSotheby's, June 16, 2010, p. 94). If the identity of the leader whom this effigy commemorated is now lost, it was intended, like the whole of the great statuary Hemba, to perpetuate the memory of the personality it honoured. Preserved in funeral edicules, or in the house of the head of the family or lineage, the ancestor statues were the milestones of a genealogy specific to each Hemba clan, sometimes going back up to fifteen generations.

Ethnie/ Kultur
DR Kongo
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