Ben Eine (1970) - Druck, Noch ein feines Durcheinander

Ben Eine (1970) - Druck, Noch ein feines Durcheinander
England - 21. Jahrhundert - Papier

Ben Eine
“Another fine mess”

Limited edition of 75 copies. (10/75)
Out of stock.
70 x 50 cm .
Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.
Original campaign posters.

A bold and colourful new font by Ben Eine, hand-drawn by Eine for a project in Lyon, France, and then used in the "Your space or mine" campaign.

Ben Eine

This famous London street artist started painting trains and walls in 1984. In the mid-2000s, he decided to stop making graffiti and to devote himself to street art to give his works and their messages more visibility.

He met Banksy in the early 2000s and worked with him for several years. In 2003, together with other artists, they created the famous gallery "Pictures on Walls", where they sell street art.

Today, his compositions, which are mainly composed of lettering, can be found in many countries. David Cameron gave a Ben Eine painting to Barack Obama during his first trip to Washington as Prime Minister in 2010. His works can be seen in many international museums, fairs and street art festivals, including the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin, the Beyond The Streets and The Dean collections in Los Angeles, as well as the private collection of Louis Vuitton and many other commercial institutions. Fashion was always a passion for Eine. He maintains an ongoing collaboration with Louis Vuitton as well as his own clothing brand, Eine London, which launched successfully at the 2018 London Fashion Week.

Druck, Noch ein feines Durcheinander
Ben Eine (1970)
Wie neu - unbenutzt
Geschätzter Zeitraum
21. Jahrhundert
70×50×0.1 cm
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