Giuseppe Vasi (Sicilia; Corleone 1710 - Roma 1782) - "Vedute monumentali di Roma"

Giuseppe Vasi (Sicilia; Corleone 1710 - Roma 1782) - "Vedute monumentali di Roma"
Radierung - Signiert in der Platte

Giuseppe Vasi (Corleone, Sicily, 1710 - Rome, 1782).

Engraver. Giuseppe Vasi was trained in Palermo studying architectural design and burin engraving and etching. From 1736 he settled in Rome and set up an intaglio workshop that soon became famous (it was also frequented by G. B. Piranesi). He was in contact with painters and architects (S. Conca, L. Vanvitelli, F. Fuga) and also enriched his education by studying Cardinal Corsini's collection of prints (in particular the Venetian engravers and S. Della Bella). A specialist in architectural views, his name is linked to the monumental collection Delle magnificenze di Roma antica e moderna (1747-61; 200 plates in 10 books) and Prospetto dell'alma città di Roma dal Monte Gianicolo (1765; in 12 sheets).

The view is taken from the monumental work Delle magnificenze di Roma antica e moderna. Published in 10 volumes from 1747 to 1761, the work features 238 copper engravings, each with a narrative text providing historical and documentary information. Known to most simply as the 'master' of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Giuseppe Vasi reveals the fullness of his graphic creativity in this monumental work.

80. ‘Monte di Pietà e banco pubblico’.
81. ‘Giardino, Casino Pontificio di Belvedere’.
94. ‘Casino della Villa Peretti sulla Piazza di Termini’.

Burin etching on heavy laid paper.

Dimensions: impression 335 x 215 mm.
Sheet size: 408 x 300 mm.

State of preservation: good, wide margins, tear on the left side of no. 80 as shown in pictures.

Slight foxing.

Giuseppe Vasi (Sicilia; Corleone 1710 - Roma 1782)
Titel des Kunstwerks
"Vedute monumentali di Roma"
Signiert in der Platte
Guter Zustand
0.1×408×300 mm
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