Arnout Colnot (1887-1983) - Aronskelk in stenen vaas

Arnout Colnot (1887-1983) - Aronskelk in stenen vaas
Öl auf Tafel - Monogramm re.o.

Arnout Colnot was one of the most important representatives of the Bergen school. He mainly painted Dutch landscapes and still lifes. Arnout Colnot was a member of ‘Sint Lucas’ and ‘Arti et Amicitae’ in Amsterdam.

The answer to the question what causes the fact that his paintings become more beautiful over time, Colnot answered: this is probably caused by the fact that my pieces have an extremely thick layer of paint. By ‘extreme use’, the colour gains in strength and function. The colour gets a new character trade, due to the fact that there is another colour underneath.’ This shows nicely in this painting.

Arnout Colnot was largely self-taught. He usually uses a thick layer of paint. He mainly worked with green, brown, red and blue colours, madder and yellow ochre, which he models using the pallet knife, stylish and nicely. His green shimmers like pearl" (D.A. Klomp, De Bergensche school: In en om de Bergensche School, A.J.G. Strengholt Amsterdam, 1943).

From 1913–1932, he lived in Bergen, Noord-Holland. From 1943–1969, he lived in Amsterdame. At the end of his life, he returned to Bergen.

St. Lucas Prize
He was awarded a silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.
1948 Arti-medaille (Arti et Amicitiae)

Work in public collections:
-Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar
-Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen (NH)
-Museum De Wieger in Deurne
-van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.
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-Catalogue exhibition: ‘Een goed bewaard geheim’het Nederlands stilleven, Den Bosch, 2019 with image page 42. no. 58

Arnout Colnot (1887-1983)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Aronskelk in stenen vaas
Öl auf Tafel
Monogramm re.o.
exzellenter Zustand
21.5×12.5×3 cm
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