Boxen - Jake Lamotta - Foto

Boxen - Jake Lamotta - Foto
Sehr gut - handschriftlich signiert, mit COA

Jake LaMotta autograph on a photo of the fight against Francais Laurent Dauthuille which was a terrible fight.

The signature was authenticated by James Spence Authentification (JSA) experts and they affixed an authentication number on the photo and included their certificate of authenticity.

The film Raging Bull starring Robert de Niro is based on the story of Jake Lamotta.

World middleweight champion from 1949 to 1951 after beating the champion Marcel Cerdan, he took the most violent blows without failing hence his nickname "Raging Bull".

He had terrible clashes against Sugar Ray Robinson including the famous "St Valentine's day massacre" which took place in Chicago.

Jake left us in 2017 at the age of 97.

Identification number: MM22930

Sport/ Veranstaltung
Name Athlet
Jake Lamotta
Sehr gut
handschriftlich signiert, mit COA
25×20×0 cm
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