Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) - Eduardo Chillida Reflections

Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) - Eduardo Chillida Reflections
Künstlerbuch - 200 ex.

Edition of 200 copies plus a prototype. Numbered copy 121/200.

Essays by Carlos Fuentes and John Berger, translations by Professor Alfred MacAdam and photographs by Ferdinando Scianna / Magnum, specially commissioned by Ivorypress.

This book is presented in three parts: Part I: A volume of 11 facsimiles of drawings, each one assembled and stamped with the Chillida-Leku museum seal. Part II: a facsimile of an unpublished notebook of the artist. Part III: a volume of texts and photographs. The concept was devised by Eduardo Chillida and, after his death, developed by Ignacio Chillida.

The Director of the edition was Elena Ochoa Foster. The publication was designed by Thomas Manss and supervised by Ignacio Chillida. The handmade paper was made by Jacques Brejoux at the Moulin du Verger. The paper made from a cast was made by John van Oosterom. Typography and lithography are made by Francis Atterbury. Facsimiles hand finished by Don Martin. The binding by Shepherds Bookbinders. The box was made by Paul Bock. Each book contains a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by Pilar Chillida Belzunce, President of the Chillida-Leku Museum.

The lot must be picked up in person, or shipping will be at the buyer's expense.

Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Eduardo Chillida Reflections
200 ex.
58×42×19 cm
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