Bakelite Silber - Parure

Bakelite Silber - Parure
Größe: Bracelet circonférence interne 19.5cms - Bague 50.5 taille Française - Gesamtgewicht: 40.75 g

Art Deco ring and bracelet. The ring's setting is made of silver which has been tested with the appropriate acid and it is topped with a large butterscotch colour bakelite ball which has been simichrome-tested. The bracelet is also in bakelite and in the same colour. There is one small stain on the edge of the bracelet.
Width of the bracelet: 19 mm approximately
Width of the ball: 15 mm

Please note: While I try to be as accurate as possible, the dimensions are not exact to the millimetre, which is why I used the word APPROXIMATELY. Thank you
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Bracelet circonférence interne 19.5cms - Bague 50.5 taille Française
40.75 g
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