Mark Kostabi (1960) - Social Modernism

Mark Kostabi (1960) - Social Modernism
Siebdruck/Serigrafie - Handsigniert - 100 ex.

Artist: Mark Kostabi.
Serigraph with 33 colour transitions.
Edition: 31/100.
Size: 90 x 70 cm.
Title: “Social Modernism”.
Paper type: 400 g Magnani Pescia cotton paper.
Certified work.

Original serigraph by Mark Kostabi, signed and numbered by the master.
The work is accompanied by the certificate of guarantee and measures 90 x 70 cm.
At the bottom of the sheet there are the artist’s signatures in pencil. Edition of 100 pieces per subject.
Mark Kostabi, painter, writer, composer, pianist, and producer, was born in Los Angeles in 1960. His parents were Estonian immigrants.
He grew up in Whittier, California, and completed his drawing and painting studies at the California State University in Fullerton.
In 1982 he moved to New York, and two years later he was already a leading figure in the East Village Art Movement, inventing self-interviews to tackle difficult topics such as the commodification of contemporary art.
Kostabi was trained by watching MTV and reading comics. He started to paint having as a reference the painter Duchamp.
After studying European painting, a constant reference in his works, he took over the concept of Renaissance workshops where artists, assistants and students contributed to the execution of a work.
In 1988 he founded “Kostabi world”, his Renaissance workshop that kindled the imagination of the media for the use of many creative and painter assistants.
Mark Kostabi held more than 160 solo exhibitions worldwide. His works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum, Brooklin Museum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the Museum of Groningen in the Netherlands.
In 1988 the artist painted a fresco inside Palazzo dei Priori in Arezzo and completed the sculpture “To See Through is Not to See Into” for the city of San Benedetto del Tronto.
Following his philosophy on the personality of a true artist, in the course of his activity he did not limit himself to paintings or frescoes, but also designed record covers, watches for Swatch, computer accessories, he published several books and produced his own television show.
Mark Kostabi paints faceless, timeless figures that can be all of us and none of us. They express the fear of man in society, but also a universal language.
“My goal - the artist said - has always been that of creating the most possible interesting art. My art should enrich the life of the viewer, whether it is a visitor looking at my paintings in a museum, a collector looking at a Kostabi for a long time at home, or a group of students reflecting on one of my increasingly numerous murals made for a public service. My images bring joy, even if they tell stories of loneliness, confusion and isolation”.
This artist with a keen sense of business, as Andy Warhol taught, universalises the subjects of his art with clear tributes to the great masters of art history.
Kostabi’s music, performed by the composer himself, is also widespread in America, Japan, Italy, and Estonia, reproduced by leading orchestras and soloists with great success.
His CD “I did it Steinway” for solo piano, which he composed and performed, was released in 1998.
They talked about him on the following TV shows: “60 minutes”, “Eye to Eye with Connie Chung”, “A Current Affair”, “Nightwatch”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous”, “West 57th”, on CNN, MTV, and numerous other television programs in Europe and Japan.
He appeared in publications such as the New York Times, People, Vogue, The Face, Playboy, Forbes, New York Magazine, Domus, Art Forum, Art in America, ART news, Flash Art, and Tema Celeste.
Kostabi also produces a cable TV show in Manhattan called “Inside Kostabi”, he regularly lectures around the world and published seven books, including “Sadness Because the Video Rental Store Was Closed”, “Kostabi: The Early Years” and “Conversations with Kostabi”.

Mark Kostabi (1960)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Social Modernism
100 ex.
exzellenter Zustand
90×70×1 cm
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