Motorola USA - Radfahren - 1993 - Trikot(s)

Motorola USA - Radfahren - 1993 - Trikot(s)
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Original Motorola vintage cycling jersey.
As worn in the 1990s.

Vintage jersey from the 90s, not a modern replica.

Size L.
Length 72 cm.
Width 53 cm.

A couple of very small snags.
Otherwise in very good condition.

Motorola was an American cycling team. The team was founded in 1991 and was a continuation of the 7 Eleven-Hoonved team. The sponsor Motorola is an American electronics company and was the first to experiment with the use of transmission and reception equipment during the race (the so-called "earphones"), which allows riders to keep in touch with the sports director in the trailer. Later, all the big teams followed suit.

The Motorola team was Lance Armstrong’s team from 1992 to 1996. Fabio Casartelli rode at Motorola when he fell and died during the Tour de France. Dutchmen who cycled for the Motorola team included Max van Heeswijk, Wiebren Veenstra and Michel Zanoli. Belgian Axel Merckx also rode for this team. Hennie Kuiper was team leader at Motorola for several years.

Motorola withdrew as a cycling sponsor in 1996.

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Motorola USA
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