Set aus fünf Kissen aus Hermès-Stoff "Rayure Ombrée"

Set aus fünf Kissen aus Hermès-Stoff "Rayure Ombrée"
Frankreich - 2021 - Seide

Hermès | Rayure Ombrée | col. Lune Cuivre
France - 100% SE

Wonderful and joyful set of five cushions perfect for your cozy living room or to give a bright touch to your bedroom.
All the cushions are made with Hermès fabric " Rayure Ombrée " in "Lune Cuivre" color: 3 cushions have the backside made with Dedar fabric "Smart" in 100% cotton in "corallo" orange-red color and 2 Cushions have the backside made with Stile Liberty fabric in 100% Silk with colored flowers on a gold and cream tone.

2 Cushions 56 x 52 cm
2 Cushions 40 x 40 cm
1 Cushion 46 x 38 cm

Dry cleaning.

This limited edition presents a combination of incredible patterns: the "Rayure Ombrée" fabric by Hermès with this timeless rib-stripe pattern of bright yellow, orange and ecrù color in this special stripe design and is perfectly combined with the Dedar vivid red-orange fabric and the Stile Liberty fabric with flowers.

Hermès was founded in 1837 in Paris as a harness workshop dedicated to serving European noblemen. All its products are made almost entirely in France in workshops (Ateliers Hermès), certified as “living heritage companies”, which places a strong emphasis on quality and exceptional techniques, on outstanding archives and long – established geographical roots.

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

Set aus fünf Kissen aus Hermès-Stoff "Rayure Ombrée"
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