Set mit 6 Kissen aus Hermès-Stoff "Ottoman"

Set mit 6 Kissen aus Hermès-Stoff "Ottoman"
Frankreich - 2021 - Baumwolle und Lebenslauf

HERMÈS | Ottoman | col. Terracotta
France – 65% CO 35% CV

Luxury set of 6 Cushions, a wonderful composition ideal for an elegant living -room or a king size bed.
4 Cushions made with Hermès fabric "Ottoman" in "Terracotta" color (65% CO 35% CV) and back side made with Art and Decor fabric in 100% silk in vivid orange color.
2 Cushions made with a total look with Art and Decor fabric in 100% silk in vivid orange color.

47x49 cm 2 pillows
47x39 cm 2 pillows
47x35 cm 2 pillows

Dry cleaning.

The Ottoman stripe introduces a uniform geometry for this versatile furnishing fabric. Its individuality is revealed in the colorful expressiveness lent by the faux monochrome and the contrast between the precise cotton herringbone and the delicate fluted viscose ribbons.

In 1837 Thierry Hermès first established Hermès as a harness workshop on the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris dedicated to serving European noblemen.
Now the company as brand has an iconic status in the world of luxury, with a combination of rich heritage, exquisite craftsmanship and high quality.
All Hermès products are made almost entirely in France in workshops (Ateliers Hermès), certified as “living heritage companies”, which places a strong emphasis on quality and exceptional techniques, on outstanding archives and long – established geographical roots.

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

Set mit 6 Kissen aus Hermès-Stoff "Ottoman"
Baumwolle und Lebenslauf
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