Set mit vier Kissen | Jim Thompson Stoff "Qinglong"

Set mit vier Kissen | Jim Thompson Stoff "Qinglong"
USA - 2021 - Leinen, Baumwolle und Modal

JIM THOMPSON | QINGLONG | col. Terracotta
U.S. 60% Linen - 20% Cotton - 20% Modal

Wonderful set of 4 Cushions perfect for your cozy living-room, can give an exotic touch to your sofa or your bedroom, cushions made with Jim Thompson fabric "Qinglong"in "terracotta" color with vivid red-orange color and back side made with 100% Linen fabric in "sand" color.
In Chinese folklore Qinglong is the name of the “Azure Dragon”, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations.

59x59 cm two cushions
59x38 cm two cushions

Dry cleaning.

Thompson chose to rework the scale of the original "ENTER THE DRAGONS" design and colour it tonally. For example, the original colourway was directly taken from the myriad tones within an antique blue and white ceramic piece at the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok.

James H. W. Thompson was an American architect and art collector (1906-1967).He practiced architecture in New York in the 1930s but after serving as a military officer in World War II, he settled in Bangkok. Jim Thompson was captivated by Thailand and its culture, particularly the art of hand-woven Thai silk, with its remarkable range of colours and textures. By 1950 he had founded The Thai Silk Company, majority-owned by Thais, aimed in part at sustaining the traditional livelihoods, culture and dignity of local weavers and silk farmers.
By the 1960s, Thai silk had become world renowned, creating a luxury craft industry that benefited thousands of families, just as Jim Thompson had envisaged.
Nowadays the firm carried on his vision of quality, innovation and benefits to society.

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

Set mit vier Kissen | Jim Thompson Stoff "Qinglong"
Leinen, Baumwolle und Modal
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