"Total Look" | Set mit fünf Kissen | Zoffany Stoff "Rom"

"Total Look" | Set mit fünf Kissen | Zoffany Stoff "Rom"
Großbritannien - 2021 - Leinen, Viskose, Polyester und Rayon

UK- Linen, Viscose, Polyester and Rayon

An elegant total look for your cozy living room or your bedroom, with this set of five cushions made with Zoffany fabric "Rome".
The three cushions in red, olive and charcoal color with embroidery are made in 44% Viscose, 28% Linen, 23% Polyester and 5% rayon.
The two cushions in blu and "taupe -indigo" color are printed in 100% Linen.
All cushions have the same backside made with velvet fabric in cream color.
This wonderful fabric depicts scenes of famous classical landmarks in Rome with its magical cityscape and historic atmosphere.

39 x 39 cm 3 cushions
38 x 38 cm 2 cushions
Dry cleaning.

Unique, captivating and effortlessly sophisticated, Zoffany is the brand for those that seek craftsmanship and artistic integrity.
Zoffany is a company imbued with a passion for art and luxury well known as one of the fastest growing and most respected brands in luxury interiors, its sophisticated approach draws on many different sources, including innovative technology, contemporary design and our own historical archive. The collection includes rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wallcoverings, most dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

"Total Look" | Set mit fünf Kissen | Zoffany Stoff "Rom"
Leinen, Viskose, Polyester und Rayon
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