Set aus vier Kissen aus Braquenié-Stoff "Oberkampf"

Set aus vier Kissen aus Braquenié-Stoff "Oberkampf"
Frankreich - 2020 - 100% Leinen

France - 100% Linen

Wonderful set of four cushions made with Braquenié fabric "Oberkampf" in 100% Linen in black and white color, two of them have a back side made with Dedar velvet in 100% Silk in violet color.
The "Pompeian motifs" created with the motif of medallions and cartridges on a graphic last process plate becomes part of both a conventional and very contemporary decor.

40 x 40 cm 2 cushions
48 x 48 cm 1 cushion
48 x 40 cm 1 cushion

Dry cleaning.

The "Pompeian motifs" cloth was found in Braquenié archives. Based on a drawing by Jean-Baptiste Huet, and printed around 1808 at Oberkampf factory located in Jouy-en-Josas, it bears witness to the love for Antiquity at the time. This document was purchased by Braquenie in 1845 when the Oberkampf factory stopped operating.

Founded in 1824 Braquenié embodies the very spirit of French classicism of the 18th and 19th century motifs.
Known for his Indian, his cotton, his canvases of Jouy, his carpets and rugs unique to the world with hand-knotted strands, Braquenié has always been present where the art of living reigns: The Louvre, Chambord, the Vatican, all the courts of Europe under Napoleon III, the house of Victor Hugo and again, regularly today, many charming hotels and beautiful private homes.

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

Set aus vier Kissen aus Braquenié-Stoff "Oberkampf"
100% Leinen
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