Set aus vier Kissen aus Chivasso-Stoff "Summer Days"

Set aus vier Kissen aus Chivasso-Stoff "Summer Days"
Deutschland - 2021 - Baumwolle und Leinen

CHIVASSO | Summer Days
Germany - 52% Cotton, 48% Linen

A total look with this joyful and colorful set of 4 cushions ideal for your cozy living room or your mediterranean home, made with Chivasso fabric "Summer Days" with floral colorful pattern designed like a watercolor and backside made with a "sage green" fabric in 100% Cotton.

63 x 50 cm 2 cushions
63 x 30 cm 2 cushions

Dry cleaning.

In 1987 the Dutchman Richard Schütte founded his own wholesale business with the support of his wife Ellen Steentjes. In 1991 he launched the first collection under the Chivasso brand name. Chivasso's philosophy is characterised by a forward-looking, open and imaginative attitude, influenced by its Dutch origins. The style is casual and smart and the products are defined by innovative concepts, imaginative creations with an independent character and high-class, long-lasting qualities. Since the integration into the german JAB Anstoetz fabric division in 2000, the brand has massively accelerated into the International Market.

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

Set aus vier Kissen aus Chivasso-Stoff "Summer Days"
Baumwolle und Leinen
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