Bakfiets geen merk - Maßgeschneidertes Fahrrad - 1930

Bakfiets geen merk - Maßgeschneidertes Fahrrad - 1930
Sehr gut - 235 cm

Antique cargo bicycle used as an ice cream cart, dating back to the 1930s, in very good condition.

Beautiful restored cargo bicycle, completely new matching tires, bicycle fully checked, copper ice lids that have been given a new chrome layer, 4 large brine plates to keep the ice cool, (these keep the ice cold for about 4 hours), separate part has horns and speckles or ice cream decoration, cooling part with 3 stainless steel trays (for 3 different flavors), 4 x 5 kg of ice cream can be placed inside, the bicycle rides well, original saddle from Brown. Can be used to sell ice cream or possibly as a decorative piece.

Bakfiets geen merk
Kategorie Motorrad
Maßgeschneidertes Fahrrad
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Sehr gut
235 cm
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