Lego Club Werbedisplay Leuchtkasten (1) - Plexiglas, PVC

Lego Club Werbedisplay Leuchtkasten (1) - Plexiglas, PVC
Deutschland - Nach dem Jahr 2000

A beautiful XXL LEGO Club showroom collectible light sign.

With a high quality led lights system inside.
A unique convex Lego outline logo is 3 mm outside from the rest of the sign.
Beautiful 3D effect!
Perfect for collectors and for your child as a night lamp.
The lamp is not available in general sale, used only for advertising purposes.

The 230V pipe supply with European CE certificate.
Switch on/off included
Hole on the back - the possibility of fixing to the wall.

Plexi in a very good condition!
The lamp has delicate scratches and spots which add an industrial charm to it. It is fully functional after the technical inspection, the LED inside is of a high quality.
One small crack \ scratch at the bottom of the lamp, it cannot be seen when the lamp is standing.
The pictures are a part of the description.


The square lamp: 45 x 45 x 8 cm

General condition: 8/10

The pictures are a part of the description.

The item will be sent in a styrofoam box / insured: 1000 €.
A large oversized package, all shipping related fees are included in the shipping price given by
DPD or post.

Lego Club Werbedisplay Leuchtkasten
Plexiglas, PVC
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Nach dem Jahr 2000
Guter Zustand - gebraucht mit geringen Alterungsanzeichen
45×45×8 cm
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