Dirk Smorenberg (1883-1960) - De Aalbrechtskade

Dirk Smorenberg (1883-1960) - De Aalbrechtskade
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert

This is a beautiful work by the well-known painter of the Loosdrechtse Plassen Dirk Smorenberg.
It's a wonderful work that you don't get bored of.
The painting is signed at the bottom right and is in a nice clean condition.
The dimensions of the canvas are measured 50 cm x 70 cm without frame.
The costly frame is from the firm Paul Gering.

Dirk Smorenberg

Dirk Smorenberg came from a family with five children. With his parents and four sisters he lived in Alkmaar. Marie was the oldest one; Ans, the youngest, often stayed in Loosdrecht. His second sister, Line (Nicoline), would later befriend his friend fellow painter Filarski. Corrie, who came after him, died young; Dirk made a beautiful portrait of her, which he was very attached to. The desire to turn drawing into his profession met with objections from his father. He didn't think that was a real profession; he himself was a stonemason by profession. Dirk was sent to the sea; in 1897 he joined the Navy; more than three years later, he switched to artillery. He stayed there for five years.

At the age of fourteen, he enthusiastically concentrated on drawing, encouraged by an art expert in the Navy. He gave him new sketchbooks as a gift from his uncle, the painter Sadee. His need for paper was great. In his spare time, he drew everything that came to his mind. By practicing endlessly, he developed his drawing talent and learned to 'look'. He found an attic room on the Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam and did some advertising painting in the Kinkerbuurt around 1904. Fish, Fruit and Relish, was the first text he had to paint in ornamental letters on a shop window. He liked the atmosphere in that working-class neighbourhood. He made studies of existing
work in the museums of Amsterdam and copied several works to practice, practice endlessly.

When an opportunity emerged to exhibit work, a breakthrough came. His paintings and drawings were noticed by ds. Henri de Hoogh from Amsterdam. This put him in touch with Professor August Allebe of the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten. At the time, Smorenberg made church interiors, landscapes, harbours and seascapes. Upon seeing a copy of a painting by Nicolaas Bastert from Breukelen, a winter landscape, Allebe gave him the advice
to not go to the Academy because he was too good already. "You're too much of an artist". A talent developed "without five minutes of training," Smoor himself later declared. He then received a subsidy of FL 3000 from the State,-. From a telegram from 1906 we know that he was commissioned by the Royal Family to make a watercolour of the cityscape of Eindhoven. This would have appeared in an album

Dirk Smorenberg (1883-1960)
Titel des Kunstwerks
De Aalbrechtskade
Öl auf Leinwand
Guter Zustand
63×83×5 cm
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