The Stranglers - Aural Structure - Originales Erstdruck-Poster - 1984/1984

The Stranglers - Aural Structure - Originales Erstdruck-Poster - 1984/1984
Anzahl der Objekte: 1 - Very Good Plus (VG+)

A Promotional Poster of Aural Structure by The Stranglers. The Stranglers are an English rock band who emerged via the punk rock scene. Scoring some 23 UK Top 40 singles and 17 UK Top 40 albums to date in a career spanning five decades, the Stranglers are one of the longest-surviving bands to have originated in the UK punk scene.
Formed as the Guildford Stranglers in Guildford, Surrey, in early 1974,they originally built a following within the mid-1970s pub rock scene. While their aggressive, no-compromise attitude had them identified by the media with the emerging UK punk rock scene that followed, their idiosyncratic approach rarely followed any single musical genre, and the group went on to explore a variety of musical styles, from new wave, art rock and gothic rock through the sophisti-pop of some of their 1980s output.
They had major mainstream success with their 1982 single "Golden Brown". Their other hits include "No More Heroes", "Peaches", "Always the Sun" and "Skin Deep" and the 2003 top-40 hit "Big Thing Coming", which was seen as a return to form.

The Stranglers 1984 saw the release of Aural Sculpture which consolidated the band's success in Europe.
This original poster is the first printing of a graphic promotion. Later reproductions, though decorative, have no real value. Its VG+ and rolled.

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The Stranglers
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Aural Structure
Originales Erstdruck-Poster
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Very Good Plus (VG+)
48×48 cm
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