Vereinigtes Königreich - Marine - Stellen Sie Leutnant Royal Navy Ersten Weltkrieg

Vereinigtes Königreich - Marine - Stellen Sie Leutnant Royal Navy Ersten Weltkrieg
Original - exzellenter Zustand

Set of Hat and epaulettes attributed to Ronald James Usher, Lieutenant of the Ship at the beginning of the 20th century and during the First World War. (24/09/1892-29/09/1948) Second son of Sir John Usher, Baron of Norton, Ratho, Midlothian County of Wales, Hobkirk, and Roxburgh County.
He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for having served during the First World War in the fleet of torpedo boats and destroyers, at that time reserved for '' junior '' officers of the Royal Navy (see documents)
On the top of the transport case there is a plate stating ''R.J. Usher, R.N.” That matches the initials and the set.
According to birth records for the Edinburgh region, Lieutenant Usher was born and lived in Scotland, more precisely south of Edinburgh in Hasseldean, where there are several shipping stamps on the suitcase indicating that he was sent to that town.
The safe was opened without the key, as the suitcase was acquired during a public estate sale in Glasgow, closed.
On the suitcase we found other labels that indicate that the suitcase was sent to Oban, a naval base located on the west coast of Scotland and an important base of the Royal Navy.
In the Royal Navy register, Navy list January 1919 by H.M. Stationary Office volume 1, which lists all crew members.
This in turn would have a son who would serve in the Royal Navy during World War II.

It is for all that set of searches and found items that it has been attributed to him.

It is a steel suitcase, painted imitating wood. there is a brass plate engraved with the initials of the Royal Navy Lieutenant, Ronald James Usher, ''R.J. Usher'' at the top are small transport stamps indicating the towns of Oban and Hasseldean both in Scotland.

Inside, completely lined in velvet, there is a pocket at the top as well as a hat holder and two steel elements to place the epaulettes without damaging them.

The epaulettes are in perfect condition, no visible damage. Made by the then naval officers uniform manufacturer Gillot and Hassel, located at the time on New Burlington Street as well as the hat.
The leather hat, like the epaulettes, is in a state close to pristine.

This is a magnificent ensemble, from a Royal Navy officer identified and dated before WWI and during WWI, still late Victorian style uniform.

The photos are part of the description.
Insured shipping and collection at a pick up point if possible.
Weight 8 kg.

Stellen Sie Leutnant Royal Navy Ersten Weltkrieg
Vereinigtes Königreich
exzellenter Zustand
Original/ Replik
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