DOES - 'O' - Hand Embellished

DOES - 'O' - Hand Embellished
Giclée, Handverziert - Handsigniert - PP - 2018


'O' - Hand-Embellished Edition

Type: Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Fine Art Paper

Size: 12 x 16 Inches

Release: November 22, 2018

Edition 2 of 5 PPs

Auth: This RUN is signed, numbered, embossed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Does and 1xRUN.

Private Collection: UK

About This Art -

This print release coincides with Does' recent launch of his new book 'First 20 Years - an evolution of dedication and style' and new docu 'Rhythm of Sketching'.

"The start is always scary. Frustrating. At this point only one thing is clear, the amount of work that lies ahead. There is no roadmap. So many possibilities. The quest for colors, shapes and materials keeps intriguing me.Reflecting on 20 years of sketching I see the extent of my development. Some of my earlier sketches are very much alike. They display my training in the understanding of lines and compositions. It’s a matter of doing and often failing. To make mistakes and push on, a continuous search for what drives me" - DOES

Sittard, The Netherlands

Perfecting his craft since 1997, DOES is a multidisciplinary international artist recognised for his choice of colours and eye for detail.

His most recent show, Transition, presents a body of text-based paintings where words are visually imploded and reconstituted as aggregations of disarticulated, smoldering letterforms. These compositions seem to levitate in space, dripping and melting away at their edges into the painting’s etherial, minimalist backgrounds. DOES portrays the forms with incredible accuracy and attention to detail; rendering them nearly hyper-realistic. His technical mastery is stunning, and the paintings push beyond the boundaries of traditional graffiti into a more conceptual and painterly territory where shapes and colors assume narrative and present reflections of our frenetic post-modern society.

Though traditional letterforms remain his passion, DOES is exploring new ground both visually and conceptually. The artist explains: “while my roots are in graffiti, I don’t like to limit myself to only one discipline. I think it’s more interesting to take elements from different movements and incorporate them into my work.”

DOES was born in 1982 in Veghel, The Netherlands. Though he has been active in graffiti since 1997, soccer was his first love. At the age of 9 he was chosen to train with the youth selection of one of the country’s professional soccer clubs. His disciplined nature, focus and dedication eventually won him a spot on a team in the highest division. Throughout his soccer career he lead a double life; balancing the public persona of a professional athlete with the secret life of an underground graffiti writer. When an injury ended his athletic pursuits at the age of 28, DOES took it as an opportunity to focus solely on his art. He quickly carved out a reputation as one of the best practitioners of the craft, and today his work is featured in exhibitions and collections across the globe.

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Titel des Kunstwerks
'O' - Hand Embellished
Giclée, Handverziert
exzellenter Zustand
16×12×0 in
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