Vereinigtes Königreich - WW1 Fumsup Maskottchen - 1914

Vereinigtes Königreich - WW1 Fumsup Maskottchen - 1914
Original - Guter Zustand

Rare lucky charm purchased by Anglo-American soldiers on the front French during World War I. Patented object made of wood and silver, in the shape of a child, numbered.
Length 3 cm
is the popular name for a good luck charm popular in the late 19th and early 20th century, and often given to soldiers. The charm is in the form of a small person or baby, usually with a wooden head and metal body.
This type of charm grew in popularity from the Victorian era and was at its height during the First World War. The name is derived from "thumbs up".
In good condition.

It will be sent via tracked and insured mail (shipping costs include the cost of insuring the item of jewellery for its full value against theft, damage and loss). Italian buyers are requested to give their tax code as it is essential to complete the electronic invoice.

WW1 Fumsup Maskottchen
Vereinigtes Königreich
Guter Zustand
Original/ Replik
Mit Echtheitszertifikat
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