Beatles - Yesterday And Today (2nd state Butcher Cover) - LP Album - 1966/1966

Beatles - Yesterday And Today (2nd state Butcher Cover) - LP Album - 1966/1966
Anzahl der Objekte: 1 - Very Good Plus (VG+) - 1. Stereopressung, Erstpressung - Inklusive: Unter "Trunk-Cover" verbirgt sich Stereo-Butcher-Cover ungeschält = 2. Zustand.

Wow - The Beatles - Yesterday and Today - original Stereo Butcher-Cover 2nd state hidden underneath "Trunk-Cover" front-sheet of LP for sale here.

vinyl: VG+ (plays well, some hairlines) | cover: G (excellent) A MINT- 2nd state Butcher cover is hidden underneath. (see photo).
Dead Wax info A-side: ST-1-2553-B-18
Dead Wax info B-side: ST-2-2553-B-18
although the vinyl is not that important...... (?)
Comes with original "Capitol" company inner sleeve

Yesterday and Today is remembered primarily for the controversy surrounding its original cover image. Known as the "butcher cover", it was taken by photographer Robert Whitaker and shows the band dressed in white coats and covered with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of raw meat. Although the photo was intended to be part of a larger work critiquing the adulation afforded the Beatles, the band members insisted it was a statement against the Vietnam War. Others interpreted it as the Beatles protesting the record company's policy of "butchering" their albums for the North American market. In response to outrage from record retailers, the LP was withdrawn and the cover replaced with a shot of the band posed around a steam trunk.
The album's title plays on that of the song "Yesterday". The original LP became a highly prized item among collectors. Since some of Capitol's pressing plants merely pasted the trunk image onto the existing LP covers, the album also encouraged a phenomenon of stripping back the top layer of artwork in the search for a banned butcher cover.

he Beatles – Stereo 2nd State Butcher Cover “Yesterday & Today” LP
An unpeeled stereo ‘second state’ Beatles Yesterday and Today ‘Butcher Cover’ album, in Top condition.

First state ‘Butcher Covers’ were never pasted over, while ‘second state’ albums have the replacement ‘trunk’ cover pasted over the offending “butcher” slick, with the “V” from Ringo’s butcher smock slightly visible to the right of the top of the trunk. ‘Third state’ are second state ‘pasteover’ copies where someone has attempted to peel off the trunk cover.

Stereo Butcher covers are much rarer than mono copies, and second state butchers are more scarce than ‘peeled’ third state covers, as nearly everyone who found one tried to peel it, with varying degrees of success. This a #5, indicating it was printed in Los Angeles. The original owner has only peeled back a small bit of the top to confirm there is a butcher cover underneath, and the front slick is fully present, and no damage was done to the butcher slick underneath.

With an original first pressing disc in VG+ condition, and Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Künstler/ Band (maximal 3)
Yesterday And Today (2nd state Butcher Cover)
LP Album
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes)
Erscheinungsjahr (jüngstes)
Very Good Plus (VG+)
1. Stereopressung, Erstpressung
Unter "Trunk-Cover" verbirgt sich Stereo-Butcher-Cover ungeschält = 2. Zustand.
ST 2553
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