Tineke Beunders en Nathan Wierink - APTUM by Ontwerpduo - Kronleuchter (1) - Contour

Tineke Beunders en Nathan Wierink - APTUM by Ontwerpduo - Kronleuchter (1) - Contour
Niederlande - 2000 - bis heute - Stahl

Contour is a lighting system designed by Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink (Ontwerpduo) for Aptum.
Contour is a fine, graphical interplay with light lines, and is made-to-measure in many diverse (mostly unique) variations.

This model was designed in Eindhoven, NL and made in a series of 4 (the whole series can be seen in the pictures). The first series was created as a presentation series and has been on display for 1 year in 'De Kazerne' in Eindhoven. The series was then made a second time for the award-winning restaurant 'The White Rabbit' in Moscow. (also visible on the photos).
The model we offer here is the only one in the series that consists of 4 combined shapes, and is number 2 in the pictures with multiple models. Only 2 pieces have been made of this model: 1 for show barracks (now hangs in our showroom) and 1 for Moscow.
All other models have been sold.

The model hangs on three thin steel cables (2 mm), these can be shortened at length. We'll include 12 meters of steel cables with the delivery. If more is needed, we will deliver it in consultation. The light elements are each controlled by a power cable, which is more than 5 meters long and can be shortened on location. The control for the lighting is attached at the end of the cables, which can also be moved.
The cabling may sound like a lot, but in practice they are not disturbing, because your eye is drawn much more to the lighting.

The lamp not only illuminates the room, but the shapes also illuminate each other. For example, the blue light of the triangle shines on the round armature of the circle, which is (for example) illuminated pink, creating a fairytale effect.

The design consists of 4 combined geometric light shapes. A large circle with a diameter of 84 cm, a small circle with a diameter of 62 cm, a line of 175 cm and a triangle of 64 cm.

These four shapes can be controlled separately in an app that communicates with the light element. You can create different light settings where you can vary with colour and light intensity. All colours and light intensities can be set, including fast or slow automatic overflows in light colours. These settings can be saved and correspond to the numbers on the remote control.

How this works is easy, a manual has been added.

(The control can also be adapted to another operating system, for example Philips hue, which can then be added in consultation).

MODEL: Pendant lamp
Material: Coated steel, plastic
Frame colour: White RAL 9016
Light colour: 1000+ shades RGB
DIMENSIONS: 84 cm x 175 wide cm x 80 cm wide.
Production: The Netherlands
DELIVERY: On a pallet or in sturdy box/case
SPECIFICATIONS: Colour adjustable | RGB LED | dimmable | remote control | app adjustable | 24 Volts | suitable for 230/220 Volt

The final photo is the scale model from the design process. This is included as well.

Please note:
The triangle is internally connected incorrectly, this shape can only show green and blue hues. The LEDS consist of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and the Red does not emit a signal. This results in the failure to display colours that use red.
The model has more than enough beautiful colour combinations even with this control error, and is offered in this way on Catawiki. If you want it repaired, that is possible, at an additional cost of € 300,-.

The shipping costs are quite high, this is because for this model a box has to be made specially to send the object. This is included in the price.

Tineke Beunders en Nathan Wierink
APTUM by Ontwerpduo
Geschätzter Zeitraum
2000 - bis heute
Guter Zustand - gebraucht, mit geringfügigen Altersspuren & Mängeln
175×84×80 cm
9.5 kg
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