Nobahar Design Milano - Gesintertes Nylonpulver - Armband

Nobahar Design Milano - Gesintertes Nylonpulver - Armband
Größe: Medium & Large - Gesamtgewicht: 98 g

Awarded at “A Jewel For Life” 2017 contest in Italy
Numbered & Limited edition
Nowadays, many cultures still consider women to be inferior to men, and this perception has led men to believe that they are the ones who are superior. Unfortunately, this way of thinking brought about discrimination and abuse against women, which has been going on for years. But violence against women is a violation of human rights. like a lotus flower, abused women must rise from the muddy waters and blossom. 
This idea is what inspired the creation of “The Rebirth of Lotus” cuff. The pearly white cuff is a symbol of strength, courage, enlightenment, and hope for victims of domestic violence. 
The designer’s message is about empowerment, and like many other designers, she is raising her voice through her creations. Every woman has a right to live a life free of any kind of violence. And every abused woman needs to break away from the chains of abuse. 
This cuff is a reminder that women are strong and deserve to live a violence-free life.

Gesintertes Nylonpulver
Nobahar Design Milano -
Medium & Large
98 g
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