JH van Mastenbroek (1875-1945) - Stilleven met snoekbaarzen

JH van Mastenbroek (1875-1945) - Stilleven met snoekbaarzen
Wasserfarbe - Handsigniert - 1904

Johan Hendrik van Mastenbroek Still life with zander; large work dated
1875 – Rotterdam – 1945
Johan Hendrik van Mastenbroek was an impressionist painter, who is considered to belong to the second generation of The Hague School. He achieved international fame with his river and harbour views. The born citizen of Rotterdam was fascinated by the activity in the ports of Rotterdam and on the quays of the historic city, which were still fully intact before the outbreak of the Second World War. He mainly painted and watercolours atmospheric, expansive cityscapes with boats and ships. His work has also been compared to that of Jacob Maris, one of the more famous masters of the Hague School, who was greatly admired by Van Mastenbroek. Van Mastenbroek mainly painted his oil paintings at home in his studio, while his watercolours were produced more faithfully in the open air.

At one point in his career, van Mastenbroek began to show more interest in the changing Dutch landscape, where industrialization became visible at a rapid pace. Modern motor boats, steam ships, steel bridges and sometimes cranes and dockers turn up in the painter's oeuvre. The beginning of the 20th century was an exciting time, in which Rotterdam was developing into a world port. After the great flood disaster in 1916, which van Mastenbroek closely followed and recorded in drawings, one of the most spectacular projects of the century, the Zuiderzee Works, was finally started in 1920: The closure of the Zuiderzee, the formation of the IJsselmeer and the draining and reclamation of Flevoland.

In 1931, together with a number of other artists, Van Mastenbroek was commissioned by the Ministry of Water Management to record the Zuiderzee works. He documented perhaps the biggest milestone in the whole project: the completion of the Afsluitdijk. The artist was so mesmerised by the theme that, after his three commission works, he continued with the documentation of the Zuiderzee works on his own. During his life as well as years after his death, numerous exhibitions were devoted to the "Zuiderzee Works" of Mastenbroek.

JH van Mastenbroek (1875-1945)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Stilleven met snoekbaarzen
exzellenter Zustand
90×70×2 cm
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