Südkorea - Evanix (Meca Evanix Corporation) - AR6-K - Precharged Pneumatics - Luftgewehr

Südkorea - Evanix (Meca Evanix Corporation) - AR6-K - Precharged Pneumatics - Luftgewehr
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For auction: Evanix AR6-K PCP air rifle. Made in South-Korea, high-end PCP air rifle, excellent quality. Semi-automatic, wooden riflestock, power up to 80 joules (!). This is a powerful air rifle with 80 joule of power and calibre 4,5mm. Velocity: 300 meter per second. Perfect for target shooting or small game pest control. Mint condition. Including box of 4,5mm ammunition.

Specifications given by Evanix:
The Evanix AR-6K is really very strong player in the field of air guns. It is intended primarily for hunting, but its performance in of 4.5 mm caliber is also suitable for target shooting. Hunting Master is equipped with a 6 rounds magazine. The reloading system of this weapon is really unique. In fact, you do not have to do anything, stretching etc.. Just shoot one shot after another. With this system you can reach up to 6 shots in 3 seconds, which is really amazing.

It is already equipped with a wooden stock of Sepetia. The stock has a cheekpiece shaped in MonteCarlo and is suitable for right-handers and left-handers. The entire stock is topped with a rubber butt which is vertically adjustable. The gun is very well balanced so it provides high-quality shooting in any conditions. All parts of this weapon are constructed to support up to 80 Joules power. For this reason it is a very reliable weapon.

It is not equipped with sights, since the power of this weapon is so high that it requires to use riflescope. This model is equipped with a built moderator in his whole barrel. Built-in pressure manometer allows monitoring pressure of gun. The air tank is an incredibly large. At full pressurization can withstand constant 200 shots. Overall, you can shoot almost 300 shots. The weapon is equipped with 22 mm mounting rail for easy mounting of riflescope. Also there is a safety for ensuring against unwanted shot.

Evanix (Meca Evanix Corporation)
Precharged Pneumatics
300 m/s
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