Bernard Pegot (c.1830-c.1900) - La Seine à Auteuil

Bernard Pegot (c.1830-c.1900) - La Seine à Auteuil
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert - c. 1850

Evening landscape with a red sunset glow that contrasts with the white of the partly frozen river. The diagonal running riverbank across the image plane gives the composition a dynamic tension. The two figures in the boat enliven the scene and at the same time, because of their small size, enhance the desolate atmosphere.

In the background on the right half the silhouette of a church tower stands out against the horizon. On the left side the smoking chimneys of a factory balance the composition. A successful manner by the artist to visualize the rapidly changing landscape of the industrialized nineteenth century. For centuries, the church commanded the horizon of the French landscape. This changed in the nineteenth century with the rise of the factories of the industrial revolution.

Overall a pleasant painting that fits stylistically within the romantic school but is quite modern in its choice of subject.

Bernard Pegot was a French painter born in Toulouse in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Pegot studied under Henri Lehmann. He exhibited portraits and genre scenes at the Paris Salon from 1849 to 1882 and later became a member of the Société des Artistes Français in 1884.

The landscape in this lot most likely depicts the river Seine at Auteuil. According to the archives of the Salon, Pegot lived here and this location is also mentioned in the label on the back of the painting.

Signed ‘Pegot, Bernard’ (bottom right).

Unframed: 37 x 46 cm.

Oil on panel.

The panel is flat and stable. The varnish is clear and even. The paint surface is reasonable clean. Overall, the painting is in a very good condition. Nineteenth century solid wooden black frame with signs of age.

This lot shall be packed with the utmost care and shipped with insurance and tracing.

Bernard Pegot (c.1830-c.1900)
Titel des Kunstwerks
La Seine à Auteuil
c. 1850
Öl auf Tafel
48×57×4 cm
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