Christof Vevers (1962-) - Paris - Arc de Triopmhe - Lumières du Soir

Christof Vevers (1962-) - Paris - Arc de Triopmhe - Lumières du Soir
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - 2015

Christof Vevers (1962-)

‘Paris - Place du Châtelet - Sortie du Théâtre - Lumières du Soir’ - Oil on canvas mounted on a stretcher, signed on the bottom left.
A lovely view of Paris. The artwork is skilfully painted, one of the most beautiful canvases of Vevers, drawn with ease and refinement at the same time, with all the artist's love for Paris.
Canvas size: 52 x 62 cm.
The last photo is an illustration, it is not for sale.

Vevers devoted his artistic career to the representation of Paris through all its daily and seasonal changes. He painted the life of Paris at the turn of the century from his own perspective and with his own style. Whether it is the Arc de Triomphe, the Madeleine, the Café de la Paix, Notre Dame or the dozens of other monuments and historic buildings of Paris, each work is unique and painted with all the artist's love for Paris.

- Art fairs: Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen

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Christof Vevers (1962-)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Paris - Arc de Triopmhe - Lumières du Soir
Öl auf Leinwand
Guter Zustand
52×62×3 cm
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