Moreno Ortega (XX) - Escena parisina

Moreno Ortega (XX) - Escena parisina
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert

Painter from Málaga, born in 1931.
His early artistic vocation led him, at the age of fourteen, to follow evening lessons at the School of Fine Arts. There he ran into future painters such as Virgilio or Alberca, whom he met later. From those years he remembers his teacher Sánchez Vázquez, who said: "Paco you will succeed because you fit well the drawing". But he was not convinced by academic teaching and he abandoned Fine Arts after a few lessons.
The young Francisco Moreno started his own career, first following the route of Impressionism and then the one of Expressionism. At that time, he began to participate at the exhibitions organized by Educación y Descanso.
His great opportunity arrived right at an Educación y Descanso exhibition, which instead of bringing together Malaga painters, had a national reach and was held in Malaga. 200 artists from all over Spain participated with more than 400 works, including members of the ´Grupo Crónica´ of Valencia. and Paco Moreno obtained the ‘Golden Medal’
He obtained the prize for Casas, a painting depicting crumbling dwellings in the Perchel.
In total, this artist from Malaga estimates that, since that first exhibition, he has held approximately one hundred solo exhibitions. As a matter of fact, in one of them, held in the early 1970s, he met the Canadian art dealer Alain de Boer. "He came looking for works of mine and he was interested. I told him I was exhibiting my works in Velez and he went there and said, "I take it all." For twenty years, this art dealer, who still works in Winnipeg, capital of the state of Manitoba, visited the studio of the Malaga painter every month of November to take his work to the other side of the ocean.
The works of this Malaga painter were also exhibited in New York thanks to an North American art dealer.
We should not forget Moreno Ortega’s facet as a poster artist, which started in 68, being the poster of the Feria de Agosto of 69 one of his works. He has taken part at more than 100 contest and he has won around 30 of them. One of his last commissions was the poster of the Feria de Malaga of 2005.
The Malaga painter, who started out signing his works as "Morenno", because he had other companions with the same surname, is a disciplined artist who nowadays usually paints on request. These commissions, by the way, have made famous his marine art paintings or the Parisian streets that he loves so much. He is able to finish a work in one day, although he finished one of his largest commissions, the church of Salares, in two months. He estimates that, in all these years of work, he has carried out more than 20,000 works between paintings, drawings, music albums and book covers.

Moreno Ortega (XX)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Escena parisina
Öl auf Leinwand
Guter Zustand
105×3×85 cm
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