Arturo Malignani( Udine 1865-Udine 1939) - Studio di luce( paesaggio)

Arturo Malignani( Udine 1865-Udine 1939) - Studio di luce( paesaggio)
Öl auf Leinwand - Unterzeichnet - 1923

Size without frame: 54 x 70 cm.
Size with (complimentary) frame: 71 x 86 cm.
Oil on canvas depicting a study of light, signed A.Malignani 1923 on bottom left.
From a private collection.
In fair condition, with patina.
First canvas and coeval stretcher.
Small restorations emerged under Wood’s lamp.
Upon verification with solvents, the work has proven authentic in its entirety, including the signature.
This painting, of pointillist and divisionist matrix, is an extremely unique work, made by a brilliant and enlightened cultural figure such as Arturo Malignani.
Very rare are the paintings of this Italian inventor, who studied lighting and created the type of light bulb still used today.
Therefore, in addition to the exquisitely artistic value, this work is a unicum for sophisticated and enterprising collectors, a work that manages to combine avant-garde executive techniques, such as pointillism and divisionism, with the empirical need for a study of landscape light that rise to greater charm considering the research of Arturo Malignani.
With certificate of authenticity and lawful origin issued by our gallery, with photo as required by the law.
Insured and tracked shipping.

Our frames are kindly offered as gifts, therefore we do not accept disputes and are not responsible for any damage during transport.

Arturo Malignani( Udine 1865-Udine 1939)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Studio di luce( paesaggio)
Öl auf Leinwand
Angemessener Zustand
71×2×86 cm
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