14 kt Gelbgold - Halskette

14 kt Gelbgold - Halskette
Größe: Korste snoer 41 cm langste 45 cm - Gesamtgewicht: 151 g

Wonderful thick four-strand precious coral necklace. Very beautiful and large gold clasp. Ca. 1880, Precious coral from the Mediterranean Sea (Corallium Rubrum)
Beautiful very large gold clasp with lacquered sides.
Gorgeous quality precious corals.

The thickness/diameter of the precious corals is
approx. 7 mm.
Necklace weight: 151 g
Shortest strand: 41 cm, longest strand: 45 cm
Beautiful large gold clasp. 7 cm x 4 cm

Fully tested for authenticity Guaranteed to be 100% genuine Red coral with the Original ** Natural colour.

Due to photographic effects, the product will be slightly different in colour, compared to the image.
Causing the photos to be slightly darker or slightly lighter.
Some of the photos are enlarged to provide a correct image.

Not dyed. No Bamboo
Very beautiful warm red natural colour
Gorgeous quality precious corals.

The necklace will be sent with a proper description and with a certificate.
Newly strung on the original orange silk thread.

Carefully packaged and shipped by registered post, 100% insured. Shipping outside of the Netherlands will take longer.
Customs fees and/or import duties are to be paid by the buyer. Also for outside of Europe.
Note: I have no influence on the foreign mail services.

Feingehalt des Materials
14 kt
Korste snoer 41 cm langste 45 cm
151 g
Guter Zustand - mit Gebrauchsspuren
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