Athos Faccincani (1951) - Terrazzo fiorito a Positano

Athos Faccincani (1951) - Terrazzo fiorito a Positano
Siebdruck auf Holz mit Rahmen - Handsigniert - 50 ex

Serigraph by master Athos Faccincani, size 71 x 81 cm, with handcrafted pickled white frame.
Almost impressionist style and bright colours. Each painting follows the same guidelines: the sun high in the sky, the light and the simple story.
The artist is certainly one of the few who can represent the lush beauty of the Mediterranean coasts, with their bright colours that manage to completely satisfy the observer.
Today, Athos Faccincani is a very successful artist. He exhibited in London, Paris, Vienna, Chicago, Madrid, Los Angeles, New York, Zurich, Monte Carlo, as well as in Italy. His works are displayed in the houses of Hollywood celebrities, and he won several awards.

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Athos Faccincani (1951)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Terrazzo fiorito a Positano
Siebdruck auf Holz mit Rahmen
50 ex
50×60×1 cm
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