India Dreams - Aquarelle originale - Dans les ruelles

India Dreams - Aquarelle originale - Dans les ruelles
Charles, J.F. - Sehr gut - 1 Originalzeichnungen

Watercolour on the ‘India Dreams’ theme, ‘Dans les ruelles’. Size: 24 x 38 cm.

Exclusive sale of sketches, original illustrations and albums with dedications from the author’s archives. Each lot is signed (usually in pencil) by J-F Charles.
Published in ‘J-F Charles - Artbook’ which will be published on December 2nd (by Casterman).

More specifically, JF Charles explained in this case:
‘This is inspired by our trips to India, I had some illustrations there, and then I took these back to create this composition paying tribute to Indian cities’.

Regarding this sale in general, Jean-François Charles explained:

'Apart from the sketches, we also focused this sale on watercolours, with very few plates, because I think the public has already seen them in the albums and it is more interesting to enjoy illustrations that are not known to the general public. Of course, I create comic books, but it is not the only thing I do. And this is why I like to share other aspects of my accomplishments. In this second Catawiki sale, we precisely wanted to show the public this hidden part of the iceberg which is pretty rare but ultimately an important part of my work’.
(Interview: CL Detournay).

The lot will be shipped in a well packaged tracked parcel.

India Dreams
Aquarelle originale - Dans les ruelles
Sehr gut
Charles, J.F.
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