Jean Boyer - Luxus Art Deco Tischservice - Max 32 Pers (68) - Art Deco - Porzellan, Silberrand

Jean Boyer - Luxus Art Deco Tischservice - Max 32 Pers (68) - Art Deco - Porzellan, Silberrand
Frankreich - 1920-1949

Exclusive and very rare Art Deco dinner service in very fine handmade porcelain, luxuriously decorated with bouquets of pink flowers, silver edging. Geometric edges and reliefs.
Unique collection.
Exceptional quality, I think the pictures speak for themselves even if, in my opinion, the pieces are way more beautiful in person.

Perfectly preserved. Probably never or very rarely used. Age signs very minor, some slight wear on the silver plating.
See the condition in the detailed pictures. No cracks or chips.

The service is comprised of 68 pieces including:
32 large serving plates, diameter 24 cm
15 soup plates, diameter 24 cm
12 dessert plates, diameter 21.5 cm
1 oval plate, 42 x 26 cm
1 oval plate, 36 x 22 cm
2 bowls 22.5 x 13 cm
1 large vegetable dish or soup tureen with a lid of 19 cm in height and 28 cm in diameter, not including the handles.
1 large service dish, diameter: 32 cm
1 large service dish, diameter: 28.5 cm
1 large deep service dish, diameter: 29.5 cm
1 large salad bowl, diameter: 29 cm, height: 9.5 cm

Factory decorator Jean Boyer in Limoges rue du Vélodrome. Active between 1920 and 1934.

They will be carefully packaged and secured for shipping, with suitable material.
Total weight: approximately 32 kg (excluding the packaging).
Due to the standard weight limit of 20 kg and given that the service is fragile, it will be sent in several parcels. The shipping costs take these parameters into account.

Luxus Art Deco Tischservice - Max 32 Pers
Porzellan, Silberrand
Jean Boyer
Art Deco
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Hervorragender Zustand - kaum gebraucht, mit minimalen Altersspuren & Verschleißerscheinungen
32 kg
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