Großer schwarzer Versteinerter Holz-Arizona-auf Stahlständer - Voll poliert - 18.5×21×2 cm

Großer schwarzer Versteinerter Holz-Arizona-auf Stahlständer - Voll poliert - 18.5×21×2 cm
TRIAS (201,3-251,9 Millionen Jahre) - Nordamerika

Highest Quality, hand picked! Quality A - Arizona!

Rare black piece

Stunning slice of petrified wood with even the bark beautiful visible!

Comes with the luxury steel stand.

Crazy details and colors with the lifelines and knots of the tree. Both sides polished

Petrified wood found in the park and the surrounding region is made up of almost solid quartz. Each piece is like a giant crystal, often sparkling in the sunlight as if covered by glitter. The rainbow of colors is produced by impurities in the quartz, such as iron, carbon, and manganese.

Over 200 million years ago, the logs washed into an ancient river system and were buried quick enough and deep enough by massive amounts of sediment and debris also carried in the water, that oxygen was cut off and decay slowed to a process that would now take centuries.

Minerals, including silica dissolved from volcanic ash, absorbed into the porous wood over hundreds and thousands of years crystallized within the cellular structure, replacing the organic material as it broke down over time. Sometimes crushing or decay left cracks in the logs. Here large jewel-like crystals of clear quartz, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, and smoky quartz formed.

The park is host to numerous types of plant fossils including complete logs, upright stumps, delicate ferns and gymnosperm leaves, and pollen spores. Most of the petrified trees have been given the scientific name Araucarioxylon arizonicum.

This "Xclusive Item" will be shipped very well packed. Furthermore, fragile tape will be placed on the package and a track code to track your package is available after sending out.

Großer schwarzer Versteinerter Holz-Arizona-auf Stahlständer - Voll poliert
Geologischer Zeitraum
TRIAS (201,3-251,9 Millionen Jahre)
Guter Zustand
18.5×21×2 cm
1604 g
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