Real Free Press (Underground) - RFP Illustratie #1 t/m #5 & RFP Ehé-Catl #1 & Witzend #1t/m3 - Erstausgabe - (1968/1972)

Real Free Press (Underground) - RFP Illustratie #1 t/m #5 & RFP Ehé-Catl #1 & Witzend #1t/m3 - Erstausgabe - (1968/1972)
Crumb, Shelton, Fisher, Smith, Bodé e.a. - Goed / Zeer goed - Sehr gut - 9 Magazin(e) - Real Free Press, Amsterdam

Real Free Press Amsterdam - Unread condition - some front covers with yellowed parts (see photos) - Tabloid format - Folded - No page numbers (20-24 pp.), black and white illustrations.

Number 1: November 1968, with Robert Olaf Stoop, Marc Sleen, C.M. Wesdorp etc.

Number 2: September 1969, Special R. Crumb anthology - Special Underground Comix - 20 p.

Number 3: December 1970, Freak Out, The motorcycle outlaws versus the rednecks at the highway beer joint - 7 pages Gilbert Shelton's Furry Freakology

Number 4: October 1971
With work by S. Clay Wilson, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, and with the Freak battle: a comic history of anarchism.

Number 5: March 1972
With Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb etc. Cover illustration partly by Aat Veldhoen. Theme: erotica

Number 1/ ÉHÉ-CATL
The only issue of ÉHÉ-CATL from 1971
Dedicated to Bud Fisher’s Mutt and Jeff cartoons, Harrison Cady, Percy Crosby and T.S. Sullivant. - 20 pages. Written text at top of front page.
Otherwise in unread condition

No 1 1969
Art by Steve Ditko, Frank Frazetta, Archie Goodwin, Harvey Kurtzman, Art Spiegelman, Al Williamson, Wallace "Wally" Wood
40 p., softcover, black & white - translated from American. American publisher Wallace Wood
Inside as new, apart from discolouration (see photo)

No 2 1969
Illustrations: Steve Ditko, Grass Green, Bill Pearson, Wallace "Wally" Wood
As new

No 3 1970
Vaughn Bodé, Steve Ditko, Don Martin, Bill Pearson, Wallace "Wally" Wood, Bernie Wrightson
Inside good, with some brown spots that are also on the cover (see photo)

Publisher's imprint: Witzend, a cultural, scientific, educational, and sociological publication dedicated to the proposition that naked words drift lovelier when surrounded by either a solid idea or a sexy picture

Real free press was an alternative comic shop and publishing house from the 1970s.

Real Free Press (Underground)
RFP Illustratie #1 t/m #5 & RFP Ehé-Catl #1 & Witzend #1t/m3
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Real Free Press, Amsterdam
Crumb, Shelton, Fisher, Smith, Bodé e.a. - Goed / Zeer goed
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