Italien, Neapolitanische Republik. Piastra da 12 Carlini 1799

Italien, Neapolitanische Republik. Piastra da 12 Carlini 1799
Silber - Ungeprüft

Neapolitan Republic (1799)
Piastra of 12 Carlini year VII (1799) - Mint: Naples

Reverse: Liberty standing on the right, holding a pole surmounted by a Phrygian cap with the right hand and resting the left on a republican bundle.
Reverse: value inside a laurel crown.

Gig. n. 1; Mont. n. 330; Pag. n. 1.

Condition: Exceptional quality, with traces of lustre and almost intact reliefs XF+/UNC

Gigante 2020 catalogue (XF €1,800; UNC €4,500)

Please take a look at the photos to get a clear impression.
It is possible to receive the item sealed and appraised. Please contact us at the end of the auction for more information and details.

Land/ Provinz
Italien, Neapolitanische Republik
Piastra da 12 Carlini
Jahr / Periode und Variation
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