Analoge Stereo-Philips - IAC 680 MW/FM - 1980

Analoge Stereo-Philips - IAC 680 MW/FM - 1980
4.4×17.8×13.5 cm - Radio-Kassettenrekorder

The Philips IAC 680 was a powerful stereo radio cassette released in 1980, and was suitable for many different brands of motor-cars due to its small size and light weight. This Philips set had MW and stereo FM and a stereo cassette, with the IAC - Automatic FM interference filter, and ATC - Automatic FM fine tuning. This vintage analogue Philips set still looks great, is fully original and functions faultlessly, as does the cassette player. Good reception and powerful playback (2 x 6W), the tone and balance controls work perfectly. We would advise the use of good quality speakers. The Philips has 2 speaker connection plugs and a power cable with a fuse.
Attention: *** LOW RESERVE *** thus every owner of a classic car from the period 1975-1985 has an opportunity to acquire this stereo radio/cassette-player in great working order. The Philips 680 will be well packaged and shipped via insured mail.

Art des Objekts
Analoge Stereo-Philips
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Modell/ Titel
4.4×17.8×13.5 cm
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