Klassik - Blaupunkt Ludwigshafen - MW/FM (U) met Din - 1973

Klassik - Blaupunkt Ludwigshafen - MW/FM (U) met Din - 1973
schöne LOW RESERVE FM Oldie - 4.2×18.9×9 cm

Blaupunkt Ludwigshafen from 1973, nice analogue MW/FM radio with original front and buttons which fits due to the small dimensions in many classic brands with a limited installation space.

The operation of this analogue Blaupunkt is simple:
Turning knobs left: on/off/volume
Turning knob right: find station
Tone control: rear left dial

This lightweight Blaupunkt has been tested, all keys/buttons work well as well as the lighting. A very good reception on the FM(U) with a powerful (5W) display. Advice: use good speaker(s)! The reception on the MW is moderate.
This classic, almost 50-year old Blaupunkt has as an extra a DIN output on the back to listen to your preferred music from Ipod/Smartphone (also tested, works fine).

The **LOW RESERVE** Blaupunkt Ludwigshafen is equipped with fastening springs, distorter and secured 12V power wire and is well packed and shipped securely.

Art des Objekts
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
MW/FM (U) met Din - 1973
Modell/ Titel
Blaupunkt Ludwigshafen
schöne LOW RESERVE FM Oldie
4.2×18.9×9 cm
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