Klassischer Blaupunkt - LW/MW/FM(U) + Din - 1972

Klassischer Blaupunkt - LW/MW/FM(U) + Din - 1972
guter Zustand - 4.4×17.8×11 cm

This 1972 model Blaupunkt mono radio was based on the Blaupunkt Mannheim L. Please see the last photos for comparative numbers. This Blaupunkt model is quite rare, a true gem for the owner of a classic Ford motor-car, but will of course fit all classic brands - as an alternative one can replace the small Ford logo with a logo sticker of your own particular brand of classic motor car.

This model Blaupunkt has the original front with the little “sun visor” and two tone-control keys and 3 keys for choice of frequency. This Blaupunkt has been tested and is fully functional with good reception and playback on MW/LW and on FM.
The powerful 5W amplifier and lovely tone control produces a great Blaupunkt sound.

Has a 6-pin DIN connection at the back, by means of which, with a cable, an iPod / iPhone or MP3 player can be played.

The Blaupunkt will be well packaged and shipped via insured mail.

Art des Objekts
Klassischer Blaupunkt
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Modell/ Titel
LW/MW/FM(U) + Din
guter Zustand
4.4×17.8×11 cm
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