Jules Alexandre Grun (1868-1934) - A mon ami Edmond

Jules Alexandre Grun (1868-1934) - A mon ami Edmond
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert - 19-20th century

Exceptional, Rare Oil on Panel Landscape Painting by the French Post Impressionist painter, "Jules A. GRUN" 

These type of Oil Paintings by "Jules-Alexandre Grun" are extremely rare, especially since it was made and inscribed to his best friend ' A mon ami Edmond', in the paint itself ! I've had this painting in its original frame for a number of years in my Private Collection and decided that the time had come, for some other collector to appreciate its beauty !  Jules-Alexandre Grün (25 May 1868 – 15 February 1938) was a French Post-Impressionist painter, poster artist, and illustrator. Grun's best known painting is called The Dinner Party, produced in 1911. It was, however, in the fields of poster art and illustration art, for which he was famous. He was employed at a large printing company in Paris and his artistic director wasJules Chéret. Chéret was also his main competitor in poster art.He was born in Paris, on May 25th, 1868. He died of Parkinson's Disease, Grun was the pupil of Jean-Baptiste Lavastre, the famed theatrical decorator of the Paris Opera, and of Antoine Guillemet, a renowned landscape painter. Still life and scenes of Parisian life were his favorite subjects. He was named the poet of the Bohemian element and the Montmartre atmosphere.
He died in 1938. Grun, by his love of painting, and by the diversity of his gifts and subjects, was a complete artist. A Master ! Another painting signed and dated '22 on the bottom right and signed: "To my friend Arthur", was similar to this one. This painting itself, is in excellent condition and only a few minor losses are to be found on the gold of the frame. Size of panel: 27 cm. W. x 18 cm. H. With frame: 40 W. x 30 H.cm. PS: I have no idea as to the location in France, where the scene is painted, but presumably I would think, somewhere outside of Paris where his friend lived. This is an early work of his and would make a great 'GIFT'

Jules Alexandre Grun (1868-1934)
Titel des Kunstwerks
A mon ami Edmond
19-20th century
Öl auf Tafel
Sehr guter Zustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
18×27 cm
30×40×40 cm
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