Österreich. Jaarset 2003 + 2004 Proof (2 sets)

Österreich. Jaarset 2003 + 2004 Proof (2 sets)
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)

Year set from Austria 2003 and 2004

In a removable cover, made of genuine leather.

From €0.01 through €2.00
2 x 8 Coins in total.

Condition: good
Coins are sealed in plastic. Used item in good condition. The white box has traces of use.
Year set 2003 has minor damage. The coins also have minor signs of wear

Photo magnification x 10: the magnification may cause the light and sharpness to deviate at times.

Please view the photos for your own impression.

Will be shipped by insured and registered mail with track and trace.

Land/ Provinz
Jahr / Periode und Variation
2003 + 2004 Proof (2 sets)
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)
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